Terms of Services


Per California Labor Code §1701(g) a TLS is defined as follows :

1. For a fee from, or on behalf of, the artist.
2. Provides an artist (or) offers to provide an artist (or) advertises as providing an artist (or) represents itself as providing an artist.
3. Directly (or) by referral to another person
4(a). With any of the following:- A list of one or more auditions or employment opportunities (or)- A list of talent agents or talent managers, including an associate, representative, or designee thereof (or)- A search of any database for an audition or employment opportunity, or a database of talent agents or talent managers, or an associate, representative, or designee thereof (or) Providing the artist with the ability to perform a self-directed search of any database for an audition or employment opportunity, or a database of talent agents or talent managers, or an associate, representative, or designee thereof (or)-Storage or maintenance for distribution or disclosure to a person represented as offering an audition or employment opportunity, or to a talent agent or to a talent manager or an associate, representative, or designee of a talent agent or talent manager of either of the following:

4(b). An artist’s name, photograph, Internet Web site, filmstrip videotape, audition tape, demonstration reel, resume, portfolio, or other reproduction or promotional material of the artist (or)

4(c). An artist’s schedule of availability for an audition or employment opportunity [NOTE: This includes a “call-in” service] Call Time Talent does not offer a talent agency contract. Only a talent agent licensed pursuant to section 1700.5 of the labor code may engage in the occupation of procuring, offering, promising, or attempting to procure employment or engagements for an artist. Call Time Talent is prohibited by law from offering or attempting to obtain auditions or employment for you. It may only provide you with training, counseling, and listing information. For more information, consult chapter 4.5 (commencing with section 1701) of part 6 of division 2 of the labor code. A dispute arising out of the performance of the contract by the talent service that is not resolved to the satisfaction of the artist should be referred to a local consumer affairs department or local law enforcement, as appropriate.


Washington International Insurance Company
Bond Number : S918-5472
A bond in the amount of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) has been posted with the California Labor Commissioner.


Call Time Talent is a listing service (also known as a call-in service) that provides casting companies your photos information, and charges a booking fee when a casting company hires you. Information and photos can be rendered from Call Time Talent to a casting company at any time. Call Time Talent is not a payroll company, your employer or a casting company. This agreement is in force from a year of its signing and is not automatically renewed. It may be voluntarily renewed by continued use of the company’s website and use of company’s services.


Abusive, unprofessional and irresponsible talent endanger work for other talent and may jeopardize production and the safety of others. Call Time Talent reserves the right to discontinue services with any user at any time without notice.

Using software or services to automatically log into profiles is strictly prohibited. Any profile that appears using such services will be omitted from search results.


To cancel your membership please send an email info@calltimetalent.com - Subject Line : "Membership Cancellation."


Payment for services must be via credit or debit card, and may be debited anytime between when a job is booked, cancelled or completed, and up to six weeks from that date.


Your employer is required to follow labor laws and pay you within state guidelines. Call Time Talent is never your employer. Typically talent do not start inquiring about missing check until it has been at least 30 days from the shoot date. If SAG-AFTRA, please follow that union contract’s guidelines. By agreeing to our Terms & Service, you acknowledge this payment practice, which is done in accordance with the law.


You may cancel membership and obtain a full refund of the photo fee, without any penalty or obligation, only if notice of cancellation is given, in writing, within 10 business days from the date on which you commence utilizing services. For purposes of this section, business days are Monday through Friday. To cancel and to receive a refund, mail or deliver or send by facsimile transmission a signed and dated copy of the following cancellation notice or any other written notice of cancellation to CALL TIME TALENT at 1158 26TH ST #186 SANTA MONICA, CA 90403 (Postal Box) or info@calltimetalent.com If you cancel within said timeframe, all photo registration fees will be refunded to you within 10 business days after delivery of the cancellation notice to the talent service. Refunds will not be issued past this date. Once your profile is posted, you are utilizing our services as a listing service.


If you would like to dispute a fee charged to your credit card follow these steps.
1. Go to CallTimeTalent.com
2. Sign into your account.
3. Select the Billing History tab.
4. Identify the fee that you would like to dispute, then click the 'Dispute' button.
5. Enter the reason you believe the fee charged to your card is not valid, then click submit.
6. If you have any documentation to prove the charge is invalid, please email it to info@calltimetalent.com

A member of our staff will contact you within 72 hours regarding your claim.


1. Medical/Sickness

If you cancel due to a medical issue please obtain a note from your doctor and email a copy to info@calltimetalent.com
Refunds will only be issued after this doctor's note has been obtained.

2. Vehicle Mechanical Problems.

If you vehicle breaks down on the way to a project and you are unable to get there on time please email a tow or mechanics receipt to info@calltimetalent.com Refunds will only be issued after we receive a receipt showing your vehicle broke down on or directly before the project you were booked on.

3. Production/Casting/Call Time Talent initiated cancellations.

If you are cancelled by Call Time Talent, the production company or the casting company responsible for the project you will not be charged. If a charge does appear on your account please follow the steps listed above under the title "Refunds for Booking and Penalty Fees" or email info@calltimetalent.com

4. Overcharge.

If a production company fails to pay talent the estimated amount quoted on the project details the Booking Fee will be adjusted to reflect the new rate. All other disputes, claims or questions should be emailed to info@calltimetalent.com for review. A member of our staff will contact you within 72 hours. Please include any relevant documentation to support your claim.

DISCLAIMER: Terms of Service (Terms of Conditions), including billing procedures, rates and structures, may change at any time without notice. Please refer to the website (www.calltimetalent.com) for the most current information and terms.