For possible NU example in California, if you are booked on a job that is $200/12hrs, you will be charged $8.40 or 5%. The formula is $200 - 96 = $104, which CTT takes 10% = $10.40 total charge. Rates are subject to change.

For possible SAG example, if you are booked on a job that is $366/8hrs, you will be charged $27 or 7%. Again, the formula is $366 - 96 = $270, which CTT takes 10% = $27 total charge. However, one usually makes more than $366 for SAG commercial. This example is used in California. Rates are subject to change.

The Base Rate is the total minimum you are guaranteed at the beginning of the day.

CTT takes charges on your base rate, base bumps (if requested ahead-smoke, wet, etc), verified automobile (or other vehicles), verified special skills, pets, specific props, specific wardrobe (tux, formal, etc), stated overtime, and others. Any lessened work requirement(s) will reduce your fee charges from CTT.

We do not charge for meal penalties (unless we gives prior notice on French Hours, etc), after the check-in bumps (non-disclosed), principal upgrades, etc.

Coming to one of our photo registration (and updates) is mandatory to be eligible to all work. Casting directors want to see verified photographs taken by our staff. The only way to get a verified photo is to come to one of our photo registrations. The first visit is $35 cash for your initial photo, all future in house photos are $10 cash. Talent that would like to use their credit or debit card for their photo fee will be charged an additional $5 processing fee. Credit card rates for photo registration is $40 and $15 for updates. Registrations are typical held every four to six months.

Verified members may update their photo by our professional photographer at any profile verification / Photo sessions. We announce all photo sessions by emailing all registered talent a few week prior to the photo session.

Credit cards are processed the day of the project shoot (on most occasions). If your card is declined you will be informed via mail. If you provide a valid card within 24 hours of this email you will not be charged a declined card fee. Our only goal is to keep all billing information up to date. However, if it takes longer than 24 hours to resolve this issue, your account may be suspended. If your account has been suspended for declined card (credit or debit) reasons more than 3 times, your account could be terminated

We expect all talent to confirm within 2 hours of receiving their details. Typically details are sent between 6pm and 8pm. We will always let you know if details will be exceptionally late and you should always let us know if something is going to prevent you from checking your email before 8 pm. If you do not do this timely, we will spend extra office and staff time to contact you directly and determine if we need to replace you for that specific booked job.

This service is most affordable booking rates but we expect more from you. We have a check-in time, which is usually 30 to 45 minutes before Call Time in the Los Angeles Zone ( however, you may be expected to check in hour or more before call time if booked outside the zone). Always check in with the On-set Coordinator before going to breakfast, wardrobe, make-up by the designated check-in time. If there is a long line, stay in it until you have been checked-off. If you do not make it by the check-in time (ie in line) by the last person checked in. The On-Set Coordinate may call/text you to decide if you will be just late or need to be replaced.

We just want everyone to be on time. When you are late, it affects the reputation of everyone involved in the pasting process, including your coworkers. If you arrive 15 minutes past your call time, you are charged $25. You could be replaced with notice even as union member depending on type of contract. If union commercial extra, a determination will be made if production will file a grievance to SAG-AFTRA for a breach of contract.

As a professional, you should follow the directions on how you need to appear, both hair and facial appearance. By your Call Time for that specific job, you need to be camera ready per instructions given the night before. If complaint is filed against you, at a minimum, you may be ‘marked’ to not work with THAT particular production company again.

In most cases, you were selected because of the photo of wardrobe you had or clothing items that you claimed to have. If you do not have said items, it is better to not make yourself avail or cancel the booking especially if it is a costume picture pick. All are expected to bring at least three (“head-to-toe) options (and wearing one). This is commercial work with higher professional expectations on you. For example, if formal call and you have only one tux. You should bring also black or dark colored suit. And if you do not have third option, you can always bring your main profile wardrobe pick which is your designated type of look. Also if you have two designated wardrobe changes, you need to be 6 relevant options with you, etc. If complaint is filed against you, at a minimum, you may be ‘marked’ to not work with THAT production company again. If serious, it could negatively effect your chances to getting future work with all commercial production companies

You were specifically picked for this job because you had a certain vehicles because of its make, model, year or color or you were supposed to bring a specific music instrument or prop for that scene then you fail to bring it or failed to bring that specific item as described/listed or pictured. Maybe production can work around you or have awesome selection. However, you just cost production valuable time and money, which may lead to casting will never be used again by that production company. This action may cause your immediate termination from this service and never being used by that casting and production company again.

If you are booked on a project, and you cancel before you are emailed details, the fee is $20. If you are booked on a project, and you cancel your booking after you were emailed your details, the fee is $40. When you cancel, it takes time and effort to replace you. Please only accept jobs that you can complete. Cancellations may result in termination. Please consider our billing policies before you cancel on any job.

If you do not show up for a project that you were booked and confirmed, you will be billed $80 and terminated from our service. You MUST cancel before call time. Anything other than NOT cancelling before call time and not arriving at reasonable time is NO Show. Nothing hurts the reputation of you, your coworkers, or Call Time Talent as much as not showing up for a project.

You should always behave in a professional manner and never in a way that causes problems. You should never fight, horse around, do unauthorized stunts, interact with talent, bring guests/family to set, have cell phone out on set, talk constantly during takes, argue with production/coworkers, do any kind of harassment, sleep, etc. You could physically harm yourself and others depending on the situation. And you will never be used on any sets afterwards. You must contact the set coordinator/wrangler to prevent a situation from blowing up with you being negatively affected. If allowed, you should check your cell phone for upcoming project or better yet, bring a great book/magazine. Remember this is commercial work.

If you need to leave set for any reason, you must discuss this with coordinator and be cleared.’ Leaving set early’ means getting off set before being told by AD/wrangler that you are wrapped and/or not getting your voucher/contract signed for clearance that you have been authorized to leave. Failure to obtain clearance before leave will be cause for termination.

You shall never post any information about a job on any social media, on the internet or to disclose to anyone not involved with that particular job. You can only disclose that you worked a particular project with your role AFTER it has aired. You will automatically be terminated for this violation and you MAY be sued for damages by the production company/ad agency in addition. On one particular project, a background actor was blacklisted by all casting companies and was sued for $1 million in damages by that project’s advertising agency.

*All the above pricing and penalty guidelines are subject to change ANYTIME. Also read the FAQ page for more clarification.