Call Time Talent ["CTT"] is a Talent Listing Service (also know as Call Service, CallIn Service, Extra management Service, Talent Management Service or Online Bulletin Service). We function like a call service.

CTT is NOT casting company nor production company. We are NEVER your employer.
CTT works to get members the opportunity to book jobs in commercials. CTT may go into music video, movies, and TV (new media). CTT ONLY work on Union projects. CTT works with casting directors to cast non-union in addition to the union spots on those union projects. However, CTT will also find print work, which is nonjurisdictional, which union members can also work.
We are here to provide the needs of casting companies for reliable, professional background actors for commercial or other needs.
  1. Needs to be at least 18 years old.
  2. Needs to be qualified to work in the United States.
  3. Needs to complete the online process of setting up his/her profile account page.
  4. Needs to reside in one of the 32 cities/zone that CTT services
  5. Needs to have a valid (not expired) credit card and input information into his/her profile (to pay booking fees).
  6. Preference given to CTT members who have previous paid background experience (especially in SAG commercials).
  7. Strongly suggested to come to our periodic In-Person Photo Registration (when available in your city/zone) to be able to qualify for more work opportunities.
No. CTT's current partners with casting companies, which may use Kid's Management, Elite Kids, etc to submit for projects. However, (in CALIFORNIA) if one registers his/her kid to any of these other agency or casting company, the parent/guardian will need at least, California State work permit (through Labor Board) and established Coogan Account. If his/her kid is used by one of our casting companies, they will be required to at least bring Coogan Account document and current California Work Permit. Also CTT member or another parent/guardian must accompany one's child on set. **No, CTT does NOT allow CTT member/parents to work with one's child on a project. There is usually conflict in schedules since the child must leave at earlier time than CTT member/parent but child cannot stay on set nor in holding after signing-out and CTT member must stay until he/she is wrapped with the rest of BG in one's group/type/scene
Yes. But CTT does NOT accept O-1 Visas for the purposes of I-9 verification to legally work in USA. One needs to have another type of foreign worker permit to be able to register with CTT.
CTT only works with Casting Directors in Los Angeles. These Casting Directors have relationships with production companies in South California area. The production companies usually work in Los Angeles commercial zone. However, they also need people in the following commercials areas (with all having 100 miles radius unless otherwise indicated):

  1. Los Angeles (300 miles);
  2. New York City;
  3. Albuquerque, NM;
  4. Atlanta, GA;
  5. Boston, MA;
  6. Chicago, IL;
  7. Cleveland, OH;
  8. Dallas,TX;
  9. Denver, CO (150 miles);
  10. Detroit, MI;
  11. Hawaii (entire state);
  12. Houston, TX
  13. Lake Tahoe, NV (city limits);
  14. Las Vegas, NV;
  15. Miami, FL;
  16. Minneapolis, MN;
  17. Nashville, TN;
  18. New Orleans, LA;
  19. Orlando, FL;
  20. Philadelphia, PA;
  21. Phoenix, AZ (150 miles);
  22. Portland, OR;
  23. Sacramento, CA (city limits; Theatrical only);
  24. Salt Lake City, UT;
  25. Saint Louis, MO;
  26. San Diego, CA (city limits);
  27. San Francisco, CA;
  28. San Juan, Puerto Rico;
  29. Seattle, WA;
  30. Tucson, AZ (150 miles);
  31. Washington, DC;
  32. Wilmington, NC.
No. Creating your online profile is and will always be free. However, CTT does charge a fee if you would like to get a verified photo at one of our registrations. There are also booking fees for when you do work on one of our projects. There are no fixed monthly fees. Please check out our pricing page for more information.
Yes. We work with SAG-AFTRA talent in addition to Non Union talent. In fact, we ONLY do SAG-AFTRA commercials, films, and TV (New Media) projects.
The Check-In Time ["CIT"] is NOT the same as the Call Time. The CIT is at a minimum of half hour (30 minutes) before the Call Time. This is a requirement even for Union members members and will not be compensated for such. It can be much earlier depending on the location in the LA Studio Zone. If it is at a "Locals Only" booking, it may be hour and half before Call Time and it could be earlier than that. After everyone is checked in, then texts/calls will go out if needed to determine if late arrivals can still be used or need to be replaced (non-union) or possible option of production's right to file a grievance to SAG for breach of contract (Union). You will NOT be marked late for Check-In violation if you are in line when CIT happens. If Check-In line is completed after CIT, then when booked member arrives to Check- In table, one will be marked Late for Check-In. You must check-in before getting breakfast or doing anything else at base camp. You may or may not get your contract or voucher at that time. If paperwork is passed out, it would be suggested to fill it out so one can focus on how to be success on his/her booked job for the day.
Everyone (including union members) if they want to be a part of this call (talent listing) service is expected to have minimum of THREE (3) options PER Change. That is 3 head-to-toe changes that are clean/neat (unless otherwise instructed) and folded on individual hangers for each item. It is suggested to bring a garment bag/container. As a union member, you will be paid for every costume/wardrobe requested and used on set but this service requires this minimum. You may bring more but at least 3. So IF you are requested to bring a formal change as a male, you would bring at least one classic or modern tuxedo, maybe another type of tuxedo (if you have one), black suit and/or business suit. IF you only have two options, you can bring as your third option the type wardrobe you wore for your primarily in-person registration photo. But you MUST bring THREE OPTIONS per every change.
You will expect to be measured for your height, weight, coat size/chest and waist. This is both for union and non-union registrants. You will be expected to do the same every time you do an update.
After one has done an in-person registration and the in-person photos (headshot & body shot) are inputted you will start be searched for possible avail and work. However, you will need to have completed your online profile including photo of your current SAG card (for union), other measurements, other photos that you usually use to work on other shows/projects and current credit card information. Completely fill out online profile accurately and fully.
You can sign up for an account for free on our website at any time by selecting "Sign Up" button on the home page.
Your name login name is always your email address.
If you forgot your password, please click the 'Sign In' button at the top of the page, and then click 'Forgot Password?'. You will be directed to enter the email address associated with your account and sent an email with log in instructions.
Yes. You can update all of most of your information by logging into our website. However, the verified information will be locked, you can update that at the next inperson update.
No need to email us or call and wait on hold… you can update almost all of your information at anytime by signing onto our website and logging into your profile. Only your verified information can be changed by going to next profile.

For cities that rarely have in-person photo registrations/updates, we may ask to make a copy of your driver license or official state identification card and email it to us, so we can semi-verify you for certain jobs.
Go to calltimetalent.com and click "Sign Up". Then follow the registration instructions.
Go to calltimetalent.com, at the top of the page select "Sign In". There you can enter your email address and the password that you specified when you signed up for an account.
When adding a color to your vehicle inputed, please keep this simple example like white, black, red, blue, tan, etc. What is not needed is Champagne, midnight blue, light forest green, etc.
Yes. You can upload additional photos for your profile online to be viewable by staff and may be used to submit you for a specific job. We encourage all talent to upload additional photos in the profile section of our site. We can check to see if you can qualify for that specific job.
You have only 7 slots to fill (after the two used by in-person registration), use your judgment and past experience of what you usually get booked on:

All pictures must represent one's current look, please take down/un-post if you change your facial hair(male), hair length, hair color, permanent hair style, add/remove permanent piercings, add/remove tattoo, do not possess clothes in picture, no longer own prop in picture, etc.

***If you are in the union (SAG-AFTRA), you must post a clear and complete photo that shows all of information on the front side of one's current Union card. Every time a union member get updated 6-month card in the mail, immediately updated it on one's profile page. Union CTT member will NOT be submitted for union work if you have an expired card or no new card on your profile.

*You should have picture of your Central Casting 101 certificate dated in the past year especially in the Los Angeles zone.

*You should have picture of your Central Casting 101 certificate dated in the past year especially in the Los Angeles zone.

*If you have done car calls before, post a picture of sedan car that you own and have 100% access. Your car should be newer than 2005. Most cars selected will NOT be the colors on most calls: Black, Grey/Silver, Red and White. *Have posted your proof of car insurance, if it is current and showing all information.

*If you have classic car that you are willing to work, post a picture that represents the complete condition of your car. Casting may be less selective of colors but generally red and white will not be used in most cases. *Have posted your proof of car insurance, if it is current and showing all information.

3/4 body shot, which clearly shows your current face/head in the picture Men should be shirtless and wear a bathing suit that they own and feel comfortable wearing. Women should be in bikini or bathing suit which they own and feel comfortable wearing on set. When asked in avail, you should be honest if you are willing to be topless, totally nude, etc. You should always be signing and returning the nude/topless waiver before you get to set. This will usually asked for on theatrical projects. Do not keep up on your profile of pictures where your pictured body does not look the same on set (ie: your weight changed, muscle structure, skin complexion, body hair change, new scars, etc).

*If you regularly do stand-in work, you should post your current stand-in resume with appropriate listed format. *You should posted picture of your Central Casting 201: Stand-In certificate dated in the past year (this is offered in Los Angeles Zone).

*If you are athlete in a specific sport that you have done on other shows, post the picture if you are skills are at an advance level, you own the uniform/sportswear and equipment (yoga mat, etc) in the picture. There is no special skill rate for the commercial contract so you should be expert in that sport if you posting the picture.

*If you are a musician who skilled to play a specific instrument, post the picture if you can play at advance level (read sheet music, by ear [jazz], etc) and you own the instrument that is pictured and all corresponding accessories like reeds, drum sticks, mouth pieces, etc. The only exception is a piano. If you wear a particular outfit in posted picture, you need to have that outfit. The instrument should be pictured close up enough to see the details of its condition. You will not be paid any extra if booked as a union extra, since there is no special skill premium on the commercial contract
*You may post a musical resume, if you have one.

*If you have a pet (like a dog) that you usually bring to set, your pet should be good with any type of people, other animals, loud noises, cars/other vehicles, and other expected activities on set. You should pictured with your pet but close enough to details look of your pet.
*You should post the current county/city license of your pet & document of all current shots.
*You can posted resume of shows that your pet has worked on & skill set, etc.

*If you have a skilled costume that you do on set, you should put up a picture in that costume and appropriate props if you can do that skill (Renaissance player with lute, mime, clown, fire-breather, stilt-walker, juggler, etc). Whatever costume and props that you show in your picture, you must own them and bring the same costume and prop(s) to set. If you have a juggling balls in the shot, you should be able to juggle those same balls on set. If you are costumed as a clown, you should own that costume, be able to put on makeup and have the wig and also be able to do basic clowning unless you shown making ballon animals, then you should be able to make those balloon animals on set. The way you look in that picture, you should look the exactly the same on set (unless otherwise instructed).
*Post also a certification of the skill if possible. Many schools provide such documentation.

*If you are a real occupation (the current job you have or did in the recent past like a military veteran, policeman, fireman, paramedic, construction worker, etc) and have that requisite skill set, you can post a picture of that uniform/work wear if you own it and own any shown work props. It can be a 3/4 body picture but please it should have your current hair/facial hair look.

*If you have Halloween or other type of costume that you own and can do appropriate hair and makeup, you can post a picture that shows your complete costume if you can appear exactly the same on set (ie Homeless, Biker, Com-Con attendee, etc).

*If you have partner or kissing/makeout person that you are comfortable doing such and have done so on other shows and he/she is also registered with CTT, you can post a picture of you both together. They must still be comfortable to do the same with you. This would likely be used on a theatrical project.

If you have been paid as a hand model before, post a clear picture of the top of your hands from the wrist. You should know what is required in this (ie no missing fingers, no scars, overly hairy fingers, etc).
Your main photo is the Verified Photo that you take at one of our official in-person photo registrations. This is the photo that is submitted the majority of the time to Casting Directors in our photo submissions. Your additional photos are used when Casting Directors request additional or specific photos of you. We recommend adding additional Gallery Photos to your profile and tagging them so that they are easily searchable.
No need to email us or call and wait on hold… you can update all of your credit card information at anytime by signing into our website and logging into your profile. To update your billing and credit card information, log in to your account at calltimetalent.com and select 'Billing'.
Yes. We take our member’s privacy extremely seriously. WE comply with all PCI-DSS rules. Upon entering your credit card information, your billing data will immediately be encrypted and stored on a third party credit card processor and NOT directly on Call Time Talent’s servers.
You will be able to add a video. The video can only be a Youtube video link. It cannot be a Vimeo, Facebook or LA Casting video link. The link WILL NOT work. When adding a video, only list 1 skill per video Ex. Soccer, Basketball, Baseball etc. You should be identifiable in the video ie see your face. Do not upload acting video reels, modeling videos, videos where you are in a group of people. ONLY videos of you and your skill stated. Please click on your video link in your profile window to make sure your video link plays properly.
For women, do not put surname or hyphenated names, just your first name and last name.
First log into your account at calltimetalent.com and select ‘Hold Account.’ You will not receive any availability checks when your account is on hold. This function can be used if you go on vacation and do not want to receive avail checks. When you would like us to start submitting you again select ‘Remove Hold’ and your account will be reactivated.
To cancel your membership, please email: info@calltimetalent.com - Subject Line: 'Membership Cancellation'.
When you enter in your credit or debit card information into the system, it double checks to make sure that the credit card is valid. If it is not, it rejects the number and would not save it on the secure server. If the system is not saving your card information, most likely it’s a typo. Please re-enter, and double check to make sure all of the card information is correct and accurate.
Verified Photos are taken by our registration staff/ photographer at one of our official in-person photo registrations to demonstrate the accuracy of your current appearance to interested from casting companies.
Casting Directors and Producers are able to get photos from our database without being VERIFED, but most prefer from an unbiased, uniform and consistent photo submission. You are not required to get a Verified Photo but most talent find that having a Verified Photo greatly increases their chances of being selected for projects.
We hold photo registrations 3 to 4 times per year in the Los Angeles zone. Other cities/zones are more periodic depending on casting/production demand. The next registration date will be posted on our Blog page in addition to facebook/calltimetalent. We will also email you 10-14 days in advance with all the information.
No, we do not have the studio, lighting or photographer staff available other than on our official registration dates.
No, our photos are standardized and photos taken outside of our studio never match our format. Sadly, we cannot make any exceptions to this part of our photo procedure.
Yes. Before any projects outside Los Angeles zone, we will request members to send in photo or scanned copy of their official driver license or state identification card. We use the information to verify your profile information. All who participate will submitted first for jobs if they meet the casting criteria. This is only used outside the Los Angeles zone, if no official Photo Verification registration is scheduled in that area. CTT will NEVER ask for your social security card or number, passport or visa documents send/placed on our website, email or postal mail. Never post any of that information on our website or on the internet generally. However, you will still NOT have a Verified Photo after doing so.
  1. You have your I-9 documentation (U.S. passport; OR (i) driver license/state identification card AND (ii) birth certificate/social security card/work visa). O-1 visas are NOT accepted.
  2. Wear the wardrobe/costume typically for your type; you may want to bring a different color option along if the background color changes
  3. Have cash ($35) or approve the credit card charge on your account of $40.
  4. Fill out your in-person application
  5. Be prepared to be measured of your: height, weight, coat/chest size and waist size. Same gender person will help you will your body measurements.
  6. You will be taking one headshot (with no sunglasses, hats, etc) and body shot (no hat nor sunglasses).
The process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks for us to select, format (a few steps), and upload your Verified Photo to your profile. If your Verified Photo has NOT been uploaded and it has been more than 6 weeks, please email info@calltimetalent.com
We do our best to make sure you look your best in the photo that becomes your main photo after attending our registration. Casting Directors want to see if you can nail a good photo in just a couple of takes. This makes them feel more confidant that you will nail takes on set when cameras are rolling and the stakes are high for production. If you are unsatisfied with your photo, you can attend the next registration as an update to get a new Verified Photo.
We recommend all talent update their photo every year OR sooner whenever their look changes. This recommendation is for members residing in or near the Los Angeles zone
For union: the rate is usually more than daily session fee since it may include the period that may be expected to be on set, smoke, wardrobe changes, etc. If those expectations do not happen during your session and you make less, then you will be charged less accordingly from CTT.
So if we may quote at $571.25 (possible fee: $47.53 or 8.3%) since we were told it may be 10 hours long, with atmospheric smoke inside an interior and wear a business suit. If it is 9 hours and no smoke is used, you will be charged at what you are actually done, which will be less (around $430 payment or final fee: $33.40 or 7.7%).

For non-union: it is all-in rate for that job. However, you may also get overtime if it goes over the daily rate…ie 8 hour, 10 hour, 12 hour, 14 hour, etc. (possible example, $110/8hrs, $150/10hrs or $200/12hrs)
Union: we charge a percentage from your daily rate and anything that we ask for in advance. Generally, overtime and meal penalties would not be included unless we were told ahead time and asked if you were willing to work that project.

Usually, we may ask if you are willing to work a certain location, at a certain time, with certain wardrobe, in wet/dust/smoke/ice, with certain wardrobe, with particular vehicle, etc. IF we ask or give notice, we will charge for it.

Nonunion: we will charge a percentage of rate of agreed to project. We would not charge for overtime or meal penalties unless we told you ahead of time.
You can be sanctioned for multiple violation fees for a single job. And they can affect your future bookings with CTT.

For example, you could be charged being late in confirming your details, late to the check-in time, late to call time, bring wrong wardrobe, and have messy hair. This behavior can be very expensive.

Best to not let things get out of control since you have complete control of all these circumstances. Better yet, if you are not ready for certain Avail Check request, just mark yourself unavailable. We give as much information that we know at the time of avail and update it during the booking process.
Unfortunately, there will be times when you may be cancelled due to situations out of our control on a given project. When this happens, you will not be charged for the job or you will be refunded what you were charged for the booking.
No, CTT never guarantee work to anyone. Our only guarantee is that as long as you are within good standings your photo and sizing information will be accessible to all of casting directors, who use this service. Call Time Talent does not decide who works on projects, the casting and production does
We hold photo registrations 3 to 4 times per year in the Los Angeles zone. Other cities/zones are more periodic depending on casting/production demand. The next registration date will be posted on our Blog page in addition to facebook/calltimetalent. We will also email you 10-14 days in advance with all the information.
If we have a project that we think you are right for, or if a client specifically asks us to contact you, you will receive a text or email inquiring about your availability for that project. Currently we do NOT have an availability line but we will occasionally post jobs on our facebook page at facebook.com/calltimetalent
Please do not ask, what is the check-in time, location or when you may be wrapped (if booked, you are working until production wraps you). We do not know that at the time that your Avail Check is requested. If we do, it will be provided in the check notice. We are only asking to check your availability at that time.
No, you are not required to hold your availability unless implicitly stated by CTT at the time of checking your availability. However, if your availability does change, please update your submission immediately to reflect that change online.
If you are 'On Hold', it means that we are waiting for a client to confirm that they can book you on a job or not. If you accepted the hold, you are required to maintain your availability until you are notified that you were selected.
We will be very clear when booking you for any project and you will be asked to reply to our booking message in order to confirm your booking
Almost all the important details will be listed on the project page including project facts, wardrobe, Check-In Time (period before the call time) and location. If there are any changes, you should check your email before you go to bed, when you get up in the morning and before you leave to the project. Rarely will you get texts or phone calls for updates from us.
Generally, we receive project details between 5 pm to 7 pm the night before the shoot. We will email you your call time, wardrobe, location and any additional details as soon as they become available. You will be required to confirm you received all your details within 2 hours of receiving your details or by 8 pm the night before the shoot, whichever is later.
Yes. You will be asked to give a final confirmation to EVERY project that you are booked on. This lets us know that you have all of the details that pertain to you for that specific project and that we can count on you being checked into set by your CHECK-IN time (before the Call Time) that day.
If you need to cancel for any reason, please email info@virgotalent.com - Subject Line: “Emergency Cancellation”. Please include the reason for your cancellation. THEN call the Coordinator/Wrangler from your project details notice if it is after receiving your details on this project. Call him/her until you talk to them, do NOT text NOR leave a voice message. Any cancellation may result in a cancellation fee, negative notations, and/or termination from CTT.
If you are asked to come back to a show that you are doing, and you were already booked by CTT on another project, you must tell the people on that project that you have already made a commitment (with CTT) for the day that you are booked, and that you WILL NOT be able to work for them on that day. DO NOT GET YOURSELF RECALLED IF YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE ANOTHER COMMITMENT. Recalls on other projects DO NOT take precedent over your prior commitments with our service. Please do NOT make this mistake
If you have any kind of emergency on the day that you are booked on a job, please immediately contact a CTT representative at info@calltimetalent.com AND call the wrangler on that project (if you already received your details). We will work with you in resolving your problem. You will still be charged your booking fee, which will pay for the time and effort it takes to replace you on short notice. If you do NOT make every effort to reach us when you need to cancel, you will lose your CTT membership as well as be charged our $80 no-call-no-show fee.
Please Bring… - A Good Attitude – Your Project Details – Government Issue ID – Social Security Number or Work Visa – Required Wardrobe – Quiet Entertainment (Books, Magazine, Mobile Phone, etc)” – Required prop(s) or vehicle if you stated that you had it.
Follow directions to Crew Parking from your details – look for someone to direct you towards the check in area. There will be someone from production there to check you in, give you your paperwork and convey any additional information for the work day.
Once you have arrived and checked in, you will be seen by hair and wardrobe to get approved for the fist shot that you will be in. Typically, there will be several waiting periods between the scenes that you will be in. Generally, you will be fed after 6 hours (in California) and have basic snacks and drinks provided to you by craft service throughout the day, you will check out and take home a copy of your voucher.
-Be on time – Make sure the AD or Talent Coordinator/Wrangler knows where you are at all times – Follow Directions – Keep nose at a minimum – Limit Cell Phone use to Talent Holding or Staging Areas – NO SLEEPING or laying down – No folding chairs or large personal items that were not required by props or wardrobe – NEVER leave set without telling someone – Treat all coworkers with respect – No on set social media posting with regards to Non Disclosure Agreements – When in doubt, ask the Talent Coordinator/Wrangler (if he/she is not available) then 2nd AD
Being on time means that you are on set, camera ready, checked-in with Talent Coordinator or 2nd AD (voucher in hand), at your scheduled time. That’s why you should arrive before your CHECK-IN time.
It is important to be quiet on set to allow the crew to work and so you know what’s going on. When the assistant director yells, “Rolling”, that is your cue to be silent and focus on being in the scene.
Remember to bring your valid photo ID, you may need it to enter the studio or set location. You will also need a pen to fill out your voucher.
You do NOT take any pictures or capture any video at ANY time you are working on a Call Time Talent job. This includes pictures and/or video of your wardrobe, the holding area, the set, background badges, paperwork, or anything else. No Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, blogs, or any other social media sharing regarding any information about the call Call Time Talent booked you to work.
*You do NOT approach cast unless you are set next to them by AD, etc.
*You do NOT speak with them unless they start a conversation with you. You should answer his/her question and politely cut conversation short.
*You do NOT EVER ask to be photographed with him/her.
*You do NOT EVER photographed with the cast member (ie take out your camera/phone).
*You do NOT sit with them in catering.
*You give them space in craft area (especially as union background).
*You never go in their trailer or area around it.
*Only time you can do any of the above if you are following direction of production or its staff.
*Usually after 6 hours, you are giving a meal (between 30 minutes to hour) or time to find/eat a meal (one hour).
*If catering is offered, there may be a crew/talent area, union background area and non-union background area.
*If there is only one serving area/table, there is a certain order of who is served first. It is as follows: Ad Agency/clients, production, talent/crew, union background, and non-union background.
*You should try to sit in your designated group when possibly especially when signed/marked.
*Finish your eating in the time designated usually half hour.
*You cannot use this time to leave the set for whatever reason.
You are expected to act like a professional as in any other profession, which includes the following:

*You represent us from the moment you driving into Background parking UNTIL you sign-out and drive away.
*You reserve the WHOLE day for this project and do not double book or try to do an audition or whatever during the hours of your booked project.
*You arrive at base camp by check-in time.
*Fill out correctly your A-2 contract (Union) and read NDA before signing. Nonunion fill out the voucher and separated NDA document (and read it before signing it).
*You have at least 3 wardrobe options with you. And you have any props that you were booked (and those are the same ones which you were pictured having).
*During the day of project, you are either on set, in holding or in the bathroom. You may be excused to lunch or wardrobe or makeup/hair check.
*(UNION) You may want to have had had since under the commercial contract that they need to treat you the same as crew. They are only required to give you the time to eat after six hours on set and full hour if they need you to find place to eat. Often time, production will provide the meal to eat in half hour (possibly the full hour).
*You respect the NDA that you signed by not sharing any of information about the shoot (at least until the project airs and then there are some bits of information that you cannot share). This especially means taking no photos or video during the day of shoot.
*You may be required to leave your cell phone in your car or check it in with production or the coordinator. IF you are allowed to have one at the shoot, you DO NOT take it out on set for ANY reason. You may check your phone in holding but it depends on the particular project. Again, you may really want to leave your phone in your car or at home.
*You look like the way you were instructed to be camera ready when you arrive to set.
*You are attentive and listen to instructions and follow them from your coordinator or the production (AD, PA, etc).
*(UNION) At the union craft table, do not "graze" nor "shop" at the table. Quickly take and go back to holding area with your item(s).
*You may want to bring book or magazine to set.
*You DO NOT talk about how much you make (since PA may make less than you) NOR how you got booked on this project.
*You DO NOT talk about any issue or subject that may trigger an emotional response other person (ie politics, sex, religion, etc).
*You do NOT talk on set (includes NO whispering).
*Bring any medication or food that you need to work effectively on set.
*You DO NOT do any illicit activities on production premises including parking, holding, catering, set, etc.
*You do NOT sleep on set ANYTIME or rest your eyes (even on all-night booked project even in holding).
*You stay on set, you are easily find in holding, rest room, etc to get to set and leave ONLY when you wrapped and signed out for the day.
The payroll company listed on your voucher is responsible for paying you, on time and is your legal employer (in California and most other states). If your check is ever late or missing (after 30 days for Non-union), please contact the payroll company listed on the voucher that you received on set.
Your calendar will be a place to leave your availability. But also continue to log into the site least once a day so that we can that you’re still active. Our system automatically sorts by “last login” when we are looking for talent for prospective jobs. LOGGING IN IS THE BEST WAY TO LET US KNOW YOU ARE AVAILABLE.
This is unlikely since we really do not deal with children. However, if this should happen, the following is required in CALIFORNIA. Minors are required to have one legal guardian per child on set. Be sure to bring a valid copy of the minor’s work permit and Coogan account document and valid official identification card (now required). Remember to bring any necessary school work. If your child is currently in school, expect half of his/her day to be in class with the studio teacher.
On our sets, do NOT expect to always be fed before the shot starts ie “Breakfast.” It is always recommended to had something before you arrived and to have an emergency snack especially if you are dietary issue. On some jobs, you will be told to “Have Had”, which means you must have had meal before coming to set because production will NOT fed you before you start. IF you work 6 or more hours on location (not at the studio), you are expected to be fed “LUNCH” by production or be given a meal penalty [in CALIFORNIA].
Currently, our Photo Registration fees are $35 cash /$40 credit card and our Photo Updates are $10 cash/$15 credit card. Signing up for an online account is free.
There are no monthly fixed costs. All talent are charged on a per job basis. Please review our current rates at our Pricing page.
Here’s a quick breakdown of our rate structure:
Booking Fees: Always less than 10% of the final daily gross rate
Photo Registration Fees: $40 credit card/$35 cash
Photo Updates Fees: $15 credit card/$10 cash
Decline Card -$5
Confirming Details Late -$5
Late to Set by Check-In Time -$5
Late to Set by Call Time -$10 or $25 (after 15 minutes)
Not camera-ready appearance -$10
Not have correct wardrobe or options-$15
Not have booked props/vehicle-$25 and possible termination
Cancelling Booking - $20/$40 (before shoot)
No show - $80 & termination
Disruptive on set -$80 & termination
Leave set without permission -$80 & termination
Disclosing any NDA job information -$100 & termination (and possible lawsuit)
Please review our Pricing page at calltimetalent.com/pricing
You must have a valid credit card on file in order to work with Call Time Talent. You may be charged your booking fee to your credit card anywhere between the night before the job to six weeks following the completion of work. On most projects billing takes place within 48 hours of the shoot date. Please note that declined or invalid credit cards left on file will hurt your future chances for future work. Make sure you always have enough funds on your card to cover the jobs that you work.
This is one of our most asked questions. Please read this carefully: Call Time Talent NEVER touches any of your checks before you get them. We are a service that you pay after we have provided you work opportunities. We are not a casting company, your employer or a payroll company. Our business relationship with you is separate from either of these other types of businesses and has no way of accessing your checks.
Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions for these fees, no matter the reason. We do this to be fair to all talent.
Luckily, this fee can always be avoided. A reinstatement fee is charged when your card is declined (or missing from your profile) when we are attempting to charge booking fees. This will also cause your account to be placed on hold. The hold cannot be removed until the reinstatement fee is paid. Please double-check your profile once you book a job with us to double check that the information is up-to-date and accurate.
Yes, Unfortunately, our system is only set up to accept payment for fees via credit or debit card. We cannot accept payment via PayPal, checks or money orders.
BOOKING AND PENALTY FEES If you would like to dispute a fee charged to your credit card follow these steps: (1) Go to calltimetalent.com (2) Sign In to your account (3) Select the Billing tab (4) Identify the fee that you would like to dispute, then click the Dispute button. (5) Enter the reason you do not believe the fee that was charged to your card is valid, then click submit. (6) If you have any documentation to prove the charge is invalid, please email it to info@calltimetalent.com ; A member of our staff will contact you within 72 hours regarding your claim.
Refund may be issued for one of the following if: (1) Medical/Sickness. If you CANCEL due to a medical issue, please obtain a note from your doctor and email a copy to- info@calltimetalent.com ; Refund will only be issued after this doctor note has been obtained. (2) Vehicle Mechanical Problems – If your vehicle breaks down on the way to a project and you are unable to get there on time, please email a tow or mechanics receipt to info@calltimetalent.com - Refund will only be issued after we receive a receipt showing your vehicle broke down on or directly before the project you were booked on. (3) Production/Casting/CTT initiated cancellation. If you are cancelled by CTT, the production company, or the casting company responsible for the project you will not be charged. If a charge does appear on your account, please follow the steps listed above under the title “Refunds for Booking and Penalty Fees” or email- info@calltimetalent.com
Your employer is required to follow labor laws and pay you within state guidelines or if you are working as a union member on that project, under the SAG-AFTRA particular contract regulations. Call Time Talent is NEVER your employer. Typically talent do not start inquiring about missing check until it has been at least 30 days from the shoot date. For union members working on commercial project, it is generally 14 work days after the shoot date (under the current contract until 2019).
If your check is late or missing, please contact the payroll company listed on your voucher. Call Time Talent is not your employer and is not responsible for your check. It is your responsibility to keep track of your employer history.
Your employer is listed on your voucher on each job. Call Time Talent is NEVER your employer.
The service that we provide is completed upon you being booked on a job. We will do our best to help resolve these types of issues, but we are not responsible for this aspect of business.
YES. You must get a voucher from EVERY set you go to. Call Time Talent is NOT a payroll company. Call Time Talent NEVER handles your checks and will not be able to help you if your check is late or missing. We never receive information on who the payroll company is. It is YOUR responsibility to get that information from set. Do NOT leave set unless you have a voucher with the name of a payroll company listed on it. If production does not have vouchers, you must write down the payroll for your records. Or if there is copy of the voucher to take home, ask to make a photo for your records.
No, we do not have a physical office that talent can drop by or make appointments to see us. If you have any question, please email- info@calltimetalent.com
There is no pre-determined or set amount of work that we can guarantee. We do guarantee that you will be submitted for every job that you are right for. We also guarantee that you will never be charged a penny unless we perform a service for you (book you on a job). If you are not working or being offered jobs as much as you like, it is not a reflection of our performance. We want every single person to work as much as possible but it is a competitive industry and we cannot control the frequency of your selection by our clients. For your information, we ONLY work with casting directors/productions that are doing union signatory projects on commercial, music videos, movies and television (/New Media). This can also affect the amount of work you may get from us.
At this time, the majority of our jobs pay at least $100 per day. Many jobs, however, pay between $150 and $200. For SAG-AFTRA, please check with your union for your current minimum rates. The current rate for unlimited-use SAG commercial background rate is $366/8 hours.
Background artists, or extras, are people that are in background of the required shot while filming. Generally, they are there to fill the scene make it look as realistic as possible. They do not interact with the principal and rarely are focused on or get “face time.” These positions are not speaking roles
Union generally is a reference to being a part of the SAG-AFTRA Union. They have set, negotiated rates for people that are part of that union. In order to join SAG-AFTRA, you need to earn 3 union vouchers via upgrades, or one through principal role, etc. Anyone that is not in the SAG-AFTRA is referred to as “non-union talent.” Many of the industry rules regarding the treatment and pay scale of talent on sets do not apply to people in non-union positions. Call Time Talent is only involved with union sets for commercials, music videos, movies and television (/New Media).
Please visit sagaftra.org to get the most current information on obtaining a SAG voucher.
YES. We do NOT force you to be exclusive with us. We want you to be able to find the most work possible for yourself while supporting your aspirations. We encourage you to seek a balance that is beneficial and comfortable for you while working as an actor. However, you MUST always respect CTT’s avail checks and bookings. IF you find yourself booked on a job, take yourself off as avail on a particular CTT Avail check notice. If you are booked on our job, you MUST tell the other service(S) or casting director that you are unable to take work for them that particular day.
NDA/Professionalism means that you do not talk about how you booked a CTT job; rate that you are making; any information that you learned before-during the shoot or-after especially production/casting. You shall NOT take ANY photos at the shoot including especially in costume, the set, the talent, etc. You NEVER post on social media or any online site anything about the work that you are booked on/just completed. You shall not discuss to anyone not associated with the project about your involvement or any information learned. If asked, you worked on project that day…That’s it. AFTER the project airs, you may disclose that you worked it and your role…Nothing else.
No, any terms can be subject to change (usually increased) at any time but CTT will always make an attempt to keep you informed by adding changes to our website in the appropriate location as timely as possible.
A casting company is a service that production companies and advertising agencies use to acquire talent that they need for specific projects. This can range from background to principal roles. Call Time Talent is a listing service, not a casting company.
Production companies handle budgeting, scheduling, scripting, casting, resources, the organization of staff, the production itself, post-production, distribution, and marketing. Basically, they manage all aspects of the creation of a media project.
A voucher is the form that you will fill out on almost every set that you work on. Generally, you will need to provide your Name, SSN, tax information, address, etc. It is important that you fill out this information accurately and make sure that you turn it in and have it signed by the person in charge of vouchers on every set. It is also crucial to keep a copy for your records in order to prevent any discrepancies between yourself and the payroll company or casting company. If you do not turn in your voucher or forget to have it signed, chances are you will not get paid for your work; as there is no record of your working. Also, it is important to note the payroll company on the job you work, so that you can direct any questions concerning payment with them. Call Time Talent does not deal directly with payroll and we never have any hand in the matter in which you get paid. The service that we provide is complete upon the booking of each job.
A Wrangler (also called a Background Coordinator) is a term used to describe the person on set that is in charge of Extras. Generally, they are the person that is dealing directly with the Production Company on set, as well as representing their Casting Company. Wranglers typically act as background on set, as well as check in all of the other extras and many times help in signing out the extras at the end of the day. Also, the Wrangler will act as the Emergency Contact person on most sets. If a Wrangler ever asks you to do anything – please cooperate. On your Project Details, you will usually be giving the Wrangler contact information especially phone number, which you call until you speak with him/her when you are running late or canceling and need to be replaced. Do not text or leave a voice message.
A payroll company is the company that finances paying talent for each job. In other words – they pay you. They receive the information on the vouchers that you prepared on set in order to mail you your check in a timely manner (in about 30 days or less from the shoot day). Generally, at “timely manner” falls somewhere between 3 weeks and 1 month. We have no control over the check that is coming to you, but we will do our best to point you in the right direction. You should always keep a copy of your voucher for your records.

Call Time Talent is NEVER your payroll service. CTT is NEVER your employer.