About Us

Call Time Talent is a TALENT LISTING SERVICE for background performers looking to work in commercials.

Since 1990, we have been involved with the commercial business. Some of us worked our first background gigs that year and others were on the production side as commercial PA’s since then. A few have even worked in casting on a few low-budget commercials. From our experiences with other commercial call services, we decided to start our own.

Call Time Talent is a TALENT LISTING SERVICE for background actors looking to work on SAG-AFTRA projects especially commercials. We ONLY work on union projects. We book both union and non-union on these jobs.

And we provide job opportunities in 32 cities across this nation including Los Angeles and New York.

We are always looking for some authentic faces with professional attitudes that have excellent wardrobe and real skills. We know what is expected from background actors if they want to be successful in this industry. Please read all the information on the FAQ’s & Pricing pages, they will help you on your way.

We charge one of the lowest rates in the industry but have the highest expectations from you in return. Be a member in good standing, we need you to bring at least 3 wardrobe choices for every look and arrive before the call time to check-in. You need to look like pictures that are submitted (including hair and makeup) and have the clothes in that particular picture, or we cannot use you. What we charge is quite affordable if you perform professional for our casting and production companies who request our services.

You will want to have Verified Photos from us by going to our in-person registrations (if available in your area). Outside casting companies submit our Verified Photos from Call Time Talent’s user profiles. If you are picked, we will contact you to see if you are available. This industry works at a rapid pace and many times production needs to know if you can work the job or not. To be professional, you should have your smart phone with you all the time to help you get work from us. If you do not respond or are not available, the next choice will be selected on that particular job. Once you are booked, you are locked into that job. Cancellation will negatively affect your ability to be successful in this industry. Our goal is to try to find you as much work as possible. But we can only do so, if you make casting and production through your professional to want to use our service in the future.